Lookout: Pintrest and Google+

The two new social networks media moguls are watching are Pinterest and Google+, with each having user base of some 100 million and growing fast. These are the first places online to compete with the audience likes of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Pinterest started in 2008 as a virtual pinboard whose initial idea was used by women sharing their wedding dress preferences. It was used […]

10 Ways to Start Marketing Your Website

Finding the right domain name, choosing a design, and figuring out a compelling user experience. These are the steps most people think about when setting up their website. Yet, once it is built, how do you get actual visitors? Will it cost money to get a site noticed? Fortunately, the digital age has made the number of channels for advertising greater than ever before. As […]

How Will Google+ Affect SEO?

By now you’ve probably heard about Google+, the latest social networking craze and most recent effort by Google to take on Facebook and Twitter. But did you know that it could affect how your business’s website gets found on Google’s search engine? In addition to building a social networking powerhouse, Google’s aim with its “+1” button — the equivalent of Facebook’s “Like” button — is […]

March 2024
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